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About us

Unique, fun, original.  That’s what we do at Funburger.  We’re not a restaurant, we don’t flip burgers, but we like eating them.

Who are we?

Mick Solomons and Chris Hayton.

We’re 2 guys with a dream to work on whatever we want, whenever we want.  We’re both passionate game developers who spent way too long making boring, repetitive games, work for hire games in the trenches for other companies.

Sure it paid the bills and we learnt a lot, but we have that burning desire to work on something groundbreaking, something amazing, something new.  So we started Funburger.  And we moved halfway across the world to live in Korea.   And it hasn’t been easy.  But we’re going to keep doing our best and working on original games and if we have to teach English or sell vital body organs to keep the dream alive then sign me up, we don’t need 2 kidneys to live, but we do need passion.

That’s how much we care about our games.

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